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Where genomics meets computer science.

Welcome to Arnaud Droit Lab, the computational biology platform of the research center of Quebec CHU-Université Laval.

The projects in this lab aim to better understand how inter-individual variability shaped by epigenetic modifications in regulating cellular processes such as transcription and differentiation. We develop cutting edge bioinformatics and statistical methods for high throughput biological analyses. Most projects in the lab are multidisciplinary and combine genomics (Chip-Seq, RNA-Seq, Exome Sequencing), proteomics (Mass Spectrometry identifications) and semantic web (bio2rdf).

Our expertise



We perform large scale study of the structure and functions of proteins

Cancer research

We identify causes and develop strategies for diagnosis and treatment of breast and uro-oncological cancers

Big data

We manage to handle terabytes of biological data of many types: Genomics, proteomics, etc.

R package development

We develop various R packages to help process biological data

Semantic web

We host Bio2RDF, which provides the largest network of Linked Data for the Life Sciences


We can exploit data from various sequencing experiments (RNAseq, miRseq, ExomeSeq…)

Machine learning

We create programs using machine learning algorithms to classify biological data

Laboratory affiliations and partners


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